Here are links to listen to the Vivaldi Gloria performance:

Interestingly, Vivaldi originally composed the Gloria for women's voices at the all-female Pio Ospedale della Pieta in Venice. Click this AllMusic link for some very interesting information about this. Even more interesting is an attempt to reproduce the setting and the sound of those all-female performances by the modern group Vivaldi's Women (Schola Pietatis Antonio Vivaldi) at the Church of the Pieta in Venice. The following are youtube links to these recreations.

  • Domine File Unigenite - All female performance of movement 7. The singers and orchestra are in balconies behind some type of metal screen or grill. This movement is a wonderful introduction to the group's vocal range and skill as well as the lovely chapel setting.
  • Vivaldi's Women - An interesting BBC documentary about Vivaldi, the Pieta, and this female recreation in Venice. Very fascinating.
  • Vivaldi's Women - An overview of the this all female group and their mission.
  • Vivaldi Gloria at La Pieta, Venice - The complete work peformed by the all female group "Vivaldi's Women".
  • Vivaldi Gloria followed by the Documentary - The complete "Vivaldi's Women" performance followed by the BBC documentary. If you click on "SHOW MORE" you can choose which movement to begin watching.
  • More information about this all female group can be found at
  • If you want more historical information about Vivaldi in Venice here is an interesting on-site interview with British researcher Mickey White.

Vivaldi Gloria by Ensemble Caprice, another all female choir based in Montreal, Canada. This is a superb performance that you can listen to movement I Gloria In Excelsis Deo, movement VI Domine Deus, movement VII Domine Fili Unigenite, and movement IX Qui Tollis Peccata Mundi, online for free, or download the complete work in MP3 format from Amazon for $6.99, or you can purchase a CD from Amazon. This performance has a unique close harmony sound that comes from the tenor and bass parts being transposed up an octave for the female voices. This differs from the Vivaldi's Women's performance where the tenor and bass parts are actually sung as written by women with low voices.

There are many more YouTube links for the Vivaldi Gloria. You can find them by searching YouTube for Vivaldi Gloria. In the following links the actual music score is displayed as each movement is performed.

Links for more music:

Here are some links to purchase performances of the music:

  • Vivaldi Gloria - Robert Shaw Chorale, excellent. (Buy it used for less than $7.00)

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