Rehearsal Information: (Spring rehearsals started Tuesday, January 21, 2020 )

Weekly rehearsals begin approximately 10 weeks prior to a concert date and are held at the James Buchanan Middle School (not the high school) which is located about 1 mile north of Mercersburg along Route 75. Reahearsals begin promptly at 7:00pm and last two hours. When the schedule is changed or cancelled due to inclement weather, chorus members will be notified by phone or email and a notice on the front page of this web site. Attendance at all rehearsals is expected: absences should be reported to the section leaders. Rehearsals the week prior to the concerts may vary in location and length. Generally these are held in the Irvine Memorial Chapel at Mercersburg Academy and include the orchestra and soloists. Members will be informed of any special rehearsals well in advance.

Directions and Parking:

Use the north entrance to the Middle School that provides access to the back of the school  After entering the school driveway go past the building (on your left) and on around the building to the back. Parking for rehearsals at the James Buchanan Middle School is at the rear (west side) of the building. Only the door next to the band room will be unlocked. The school has graciously provided this rehearsal space for the Chorus. 

Charges: To help defray the Chorus' expenses, members are asked to pay for some of their own music. This generally amounts to one or two pieces of music each season, for a total of about $6.00 - $18.00
Members are also invited to have dinner in the Mercersburg Academy Dining Hall on Saturday evening at a cost of $17.00 per person. Spouses and families may be included for an additional charge of $17.00 per person.. 

Care of Music: Music that members purchase is theirs to keep and may be marked as the member desires. Music that is owned by the chorus should be marked only as needed. Members will be given instructions on where to return chorus-owned music after the last concert.

Music Folders: If you need a black music folder, various chorus members recommend folders they have purchased from these websites:;; or

You can also check Amazon. Here are some possibilities:
Marlo Plastics Choral Folder 7-3/4 x 11
Marlo Plastics Premium Choral Folder
Manhasset Choral Music Folio Folder

Special Note: Many chorus members experience allegic reactions to fragrances such as those found in cologne, after-shave, and deodorant. Please refrain from using fragranced products for rehearsals and concerts.

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Useful Information

Music Practice Files

The Midi files (and MP3) for the Durufle Requiem and Other (opera choruses) are now ready:

An Excellent Midi File Source:
Another source for Durufle Requiem midi rehearsal files is here:

Many of the midi files that we use here at Mercersburg Chorus are actually adaptations of midi files prepared by John Hooper at He has an extensive collection of midi files for many choral works arranged by composer. Each work is divided into separate movements. For each movement he has separate files for each part (Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto, etc.) with your particular part emphasized. You can go there and download just the files you want or listen to your part directly. He also has helpful information about how to use these midi files to help you learn your part.

You are encouraged to explore John Hooper's excellent web site and see what he has to offer. He is providing a wonderful service to singers and choirs all over the world.

Problems or Questions?
If you have any problems or questions you may email me (Paul Fretz) at