Concert Dress:

Women: The chorus will supply a 3/4-sleeve red-colored or blue-colored top that members will purchase for $28. This will be worn with black pants or skirt, black shoes, and a chorus-supplied set of pearls.

Men: The chorus will supply a black light-weight jacket that members will purchase or rent. This will be worn with black trousers, black shoes, white shirt (may be short sleeved), and a chorus-supplied black bow tie. The jacket options are:

  1. Purchase the jacket for $75.
  2. Rent the coat from the chorus for 1 year or part of a year for $25.

The orchestra wears standard concert dress - all black for the women, tuxedos for the men.


Parking for performances at the Mercersburg Academy Chapel can be difficult due to limited parking areas near the chapel. If at all possible, members should attempt to car pool. During concerts, Chorus members are asked to park along Constitution Avenue behind the Burgin Center for the Arts, at the opposite end of the quad, along Sycamore lane, or other areas away from the chapel. This allows patrons and attendees the prime parking near the chapel. Please do not park on the grass, only on paved surfaces.

Special Notes and Concert Etiquette:

Many chorus members experience allergic reactions to fragrances such as those found in perfume, hair spray, cologne, after-shave, and deodorant. Please refrain from using fragranced products for rehearsals and concerts.

To insure that we look as well as we sound, please remember the following guidelines for good concert performance etiquette:

  • When entering the risers, carry your folder at your side away from the audience and wait until your row is filled before sitting down.
  • Do not follow along in your music while the soloists are singing. Clip pages together so that you can quickly turn to the section where you will next be singing. Eyes should be focused exclusively on the soloists. 
  • Use of water bottles is discouraged, but if it is necessary for you to have a water bottle available at a performance it should be as inconspicuous as possible, preferably of the sealed with a straw type. Use should be limited to the intermission when the offering is collected and lights dimmed, never during a soloist's performance. 
  • Do not chew gum during a performance, nor have side conversations with fellow chorus members while on stage.
  • Minimize the wearing of jewelry.
  • Refrain from waving to friends or family members in the audience, but do smile and convey the joy and passion we share for having this wonderful opportunity to perform great music in such a wonderful setting.